Top Tec 4200 5W-30 New Generation
Top Tec 4200 5W-30 New Generation
Top Tec 4200 5W-30 New Generation
Top Tec 4200 5W-30 New Generation
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Top Tec 4200 5W-30 New Generation

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Motor oils and additives Made in Germany

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High-tech low-friction motor oil based on synthetic technology. Outstanding protection against wear, reduces oil and fuel consumption and ensures fast oil penetration of the engine. Depending on the manufacturer's specifications, oil change intervals of up to 30,000 or 50,000 km or every 2 years for low mileage drivers are thus possible. For gasoline and diesel engines that meet the Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards (including FSI, common rail and pumped jet injection). Also suitable for gas-driven vehicles (CNG/LPG) and vehicles with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), even if retrofitted. Exception: R5 and V10 TDI engines before manufacture year 06/2006. Tested for turbochargers and catalytic converters.

The specifications and instructions from the unit or vehicle manufacturer must be followed. Optimum effect only when the product is used unmixed. Note for workshops: The residual amount of a commercially available oil must not exceed 5 percent for tank systems.


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