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Oil Additive

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Motor oils and additives Made in Germany

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The MoS2 lubrication enhancer contained forms a high-load lubricating film on all rubbing and sliding metal surfaces. It reduces friction and ensures smoother running of the assemblies. This results in considerable fuel and oil savings, a scientifically proven reduction in rate of wear, high operating reliability and reliable emergency running properties.
For all commercially available motor oils in gasoline and diesel engines with and without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Tested for use with turbochargers and catalytic converters. Suitable for toothed belts running in oil. Recommended dosage: 3-5 % added to the motor oil. Add to max. 2 % of the oil content on motorcycles with wet clutch.


Shake before use. Add 5 % (50 ml per 1 l of oil) to motor oil; in motorcycles with a wet clutch add 2 % (20 ml per 1 l of oil). Can be added to the motor oil at any time.


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