Special Rim Cleaner
Special Rim Cleaner
Special Rim Cleaner
Special Rim Cleaner
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Special Rim Cleaner

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Motor oils and additives Made in Germany

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Special cleaner with practical dirt indicator. For intensive and gentle cleaning of aluminum and steel rims. Easily removes brake abrasion as well as other dirt. Reduces the amount of stubborn dirt that returns and, when used regularly, guarantees a radiant shine and long service life of the rims. Highly biodegradable and acid-free.
For all rim designs. Do not use on painted rims.

1. Shake well before use.
2. Then evenly spray Rim Cleaner Special on the dirty rims. Note for the 1 l spray bottle: If the trigger is pulled quickly it emits a broad and extensive spray pattern, while pulling it slowly results in a concentrated spray pattern.
3. Allow to act for 5 – 7 min depending on the degree of contamination, but do not allow to dry.
4. For removing very stubborn dirt, rework with a sponge or brush.
5. The cleaning process can be checked visually by watching for a change of color; the optimum effect is achieved when completely purple.
6. Thoroughly rinse the rims with a high-pressure cleaner.


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