Pro-Line Throttle Valve Cleaner
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Pro-Line Throttle Valve Cleaner

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Motor oils and additives Made in Germany

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Special active solvent for removing typical contamination and deposits found in the intake and throttle valve areas. Loosens and removes contamination such as oil, resin, glue, etc. Ensures the operability of all moving parts and increases the operational reliability of gasoline-powered engines. For intake and throttle valve area including nozzles and holes. Only for use in gasoline engines!

Create direct access to the throttle valve. Start the engine to start cleaning.

Spray the Throttle Valve Cleaner across the entire area of the throttle valve in intervals of 2 – 3 seconds at min. 2,000 revolutions via the spray probe.

If the engine cannot maintain the speed with the intake pipe removed or cannot be started, disconnect the plug from the air flow meter with the ignition switched off. In this case, the stored fault must be deleted from the engine control unit after cleaning using a suitable diagnostic device and the air flow meter must be taught in again if necessary.

If a speed fluctuation of more than 1,000 revolutions occurs during application, it is important to shorten the spray intervals. Make sure that the Throttle Valve Cleaner does not come into contact with the air flow meter or painted components.

In the case of stubborn deposits on the throttle valve, in the intake manifold or on the intake valves, cleaning can be repeated with a second can. After use, allow the engine to run for about 20 seconds at min. 2,000 revolutions in order to burn any residues remaining in the intake system.


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