Brake Fluid DOT 4
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Brake Fluid DOT 4

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Motor oils and additives Made in Germany

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This brake fluid was developed specially in order to extend the operating life of components in the hydraulic brake and clutch systems of motor vehicles. Enjoys high wet and dry boiling points, thus guaranteeing safe braking even after the absorption of some moisture over an extended period of use. Is also ideally suited to use in ABS brake systems.
Ideally suited for use with all disk and drum brake systems, as well as motor vehicle clutch systems for which a synthetic brake fluid of this specification is prescribed.


Liqui Moly Brake Fluid DOT 4 can be used with all conventional brake fluid bleeding devices. Liqui Moly DOT 4 brake fluid is miscible and compatible with all high-quality synthetic brake fluids. The optimal period of use for this brake fluid is, however, only ensured when it is used alone. It is recommended that the brake fluid be changed in accordance with the specifications from the vehicle manufacturer.

Note: Brake fluid is hygroscopic and must be stored in tightly sealed containers. Reseal the container immediately after opening.


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